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[at-l] Magical Mystery Tour

  Wow, only my first time receiving mail from this list and I already recognize names I met on the trail (or at least read entries by).  Anyone
know how Gutsy, Guiness and Ishmael made out in '96?  What about Ole'
Swamper and Grasshopper?
  I got off to a rocky start with a week layover at Shaws due to bloody heels from bad boots, and by the time I reached Dartmouth I had run out of
$ and was discouraged by the unwelcome nature of some rich frat boys.  All in all the experience was worth it, and I will be back this spring
starting from Springer, or possibly the following spring...  I'd be ready to leave tomorrow, but I still am trying to make plans for the rest of
my life before I complete my trek. (This time with a companion
hopefully)  Is there a list anywhere of people who hiked the trail last
year and how to contact them (I'd like to get some post tru hike
reactions from those who I meet)?  
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