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Re: [AT-L] Re: Me back, too Plus Some Questions

Jim wrote: <snip>
>Question for the PCT-L'ers:  did the same thing
>happen to the PCT list?  Just curious.

Jim, I subscribe to that list also, and I've not seen it go down. Sometimes 
messages are a little sparse, but it hasn't been down to 0 like the at-l.

>This is really a question for Ryan, but I'll pose it
>to the list as a whole...I have a copy of the at-l
>subscription list from two days ago.  Would it be
>worthwhile to try to contact everyone on the
>list to let them know what happened to at-l?


I think Ryan did send a message to everyone. He said he was working on the 
problem, but didn't give any instructions on how to fix. Alice forwarded Jim 
Owen's solution to me. Personally, I don't have any problem with you using 
the list for the greater good of the list. (ie: how to fix the problem). Now 
for other things, that's another story. 

Peter H. Fornof