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Re: [AT-L] 97 day Thru-hike

James Bigler wrote:
  This summer he is
> leading a group of Tech students on a thru hike on the AT.  His plan is to
> finish in 97 days.  Wow!  I think the trip is way out of my league, and
> even if I could do it physically I don't think I would want to.  I figure
> including travel time and all that would be about 24 miles a day!  That
> doesn't leave much time to sit around and smell the roses or watch the
> sunset.  I am interested in what you guys who have thru hiked before think
> about this.

I think its pretty ambitious.  You've got to figure much shorter days at
the start, & then a harder push through the middle & New England.  A
number of folks have done it, especially w/ motorized support, but I
haven't heard of an organized group at that pace - seems like it would
be very hard to hang together.  Anybody else heard of something similar?

- Matt Perrenod (The Priest)