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Re: va shuttle/parking

Jim Owen wrote:

>Mike -
>I was under the impression that Levi had closed down - but I
>could be wrong.  We haven't been back to that section since 92
>although we'd like to do some more hiking there.  If he's still
>open to thruhikers, its a super place to stop - not fancy, but
>friendly.  And lots of character(s).
>Walk softly,
Jim's correct, at least according to the '96 Appalachian Trail 
Thru-Hikers'Companion. It states "...in November 1993, when Levi Long and 
his family closed their hostel and diner in Bastian after 17 years of 
hosting hikers." The description goes on to say that on Sundays Levi gets 
friends together for bluegrass jams.

Peter H. Fornof