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Member Guide and Trail Partners

Hi, my name is Kurt.  I'm new to the group (just joined today), but I figured 
I'd tell you all a bit about myself.
	Firstly, I'm glad to see that there's finally a listserv for the trail.
	Second, I was wondering if anyone else called the 1-800 number and sent in info 
about yourself and ordered a member guide.  My high school did the same thing recently, 
and I just wanted to see how popular it was.  I ordered the hardback book.
	Also, I'm interested in chatting with people who are considering thru-hiking the 
trail from south to north, say beginning the first part of March and finishing by 
August.  I've been writing to names in the Appalachian Trailway News, but I haven't been 
getting any responses there.