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Re: [AT-L] va shuttle/parking

>michael henderson wrote:
>> you want character?  check out levi long's cafe in bastian (opposite
>> direction from bland from the trail, and a little closer, and A LOT
>> smaller).  if you hit it on a sunday afternoon, they'll be playin' that
>> mountain music, and you can join in if you want.  levi's wife runs the cafe,>
>They are still listed in the Handbook. I'm looking at calling a Dr. Frog 
>(Ron Pauley) tomorrow to set something up. how far from the trail is 
>Levi's Cafe?
Bastian is mile and half from the trail AND is erroniously considered
to be easy to get to by hitchhiking. not many cars pass by on the 
first road and there is an overpass of some sort. the trail begins in
a little  parking area after the overpass.
i think levi has slowed down some. i think he had cancer and is older.
also, some inconsiderate hiker incidents have occurred.