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[AT-L] va shuttle/parking

AT>I'm looking for a place to leave a car for about ten days close to the
AT>AT/I-77 crossing near Bland VA. I hope to meet some late southbounders
AT>near Catawba and hike south to Bland. Also, does anyone know of a cheap
AT>shuttle in thsi area? (Low cost, not low character <G>)



 Speaking of late southbounders, I met a group of about 6 last week in
Massachusetts. They were all doing fine. Also, met 2 late northbounders
and hiked with them for awhile. Yanqui Highlander and Bachelor Bob are
tromping through Vermont right now. I envy them. :)
    They were very determined about reaching Katahdin before bad
weather. They were having a great time and doing well health-wise.