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Re: lost hiker in SNP

Raven cawed:

>I asked a ranger this weekend - they still haven't found him. He said he
>saw an article in the Washington Post about the FBI/CIA is looking for
>him, too now. When I told him about the fake his own death sceme, he
>smiled and said, "maybe, but we still gotta look for him"

This is a very interesting story. Spies on the AT! The Washington Post 
article you refer to is linked on the AT homepage and is worth reading if 
you like intrigue and spy genre novels. According to the Post, this guy 
tried to get into the CIA but was declined as he flunked their polygraph 
test. Apparently he served on a ship during the Gulf War and had access to 
military secrets. He then applied to the Foreign Service and was accepted, 
but the CIA later advised the F.S. that he had failed the polygraph, so the 
F.S. had the FBI investigate him. This is when he bought camping supplies, 
ammunition, and a handgun and disappeared into Shenandoah. One person in the 
article speculated that he "could be in Russia by now". 

Peter H. Fornof