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Re: [AT-L] Re: lost hiker in SNP

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Peter H. Fornof wrote:

> Raven cawed:
> >I asked a ranger this weekend - they still haven't found him. He said he
> >saw an article in the Washington Post about the FBI/CIA is looking for
> >him, too now. When I told him about the fake his own death sceme, he
> >smiled and said, "maybe, but we still gotta look for him"
> This is a very interesting story. Spies on the AT! The Washington Post 
>  This is when he bought camping supplies, 
> ammunition, and a handgun and disappeared into Shenandoah. One person in the 
> article speculated that he "could be in Russia by now". 

Wait a minute - I knew about the plans to extend the AT into Canada, but 
Besides, if he had been reading his AT-L, like all good thru-hikers 
should, he would have known that guns are waaay to heavy to bring into 
the woods! Don't worry - he won't get far on foot 


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