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Re: [AT-L] knees and other stuff

>Hi everyone,
>I have tried to read all the "injury" posts and not be preachy,
>but I can stand it no longer!!  Everyone wants to help out by
>describing their injury and what they did that worked.  And 
>giving out web sites and email addresses.  I just have to say
>to everyone that there is no substitute for a good medical evaluation
>by someone who is proficient in SPORTS medicine. 

This is usually the best way to go, but after I'd gotten my knee injuries I
went to a sports physiotherapy clinic (after seeing and being diagnosed by
their doctor) I still was having knee pain after 5 months of seeing the
physiotherapist.  I know, I know...I should have gone somewhere else, but
she kept saying "Well, it'll get worse before it gets better"  WRONG!  It
should  *not* be that way (for the majority of things, anyhoo..).  Anyways,
what I'm trying to say is that even people who are "supposedly" proficient
in sports medicine may not be the best.  These may be people who graduated
from the bottom of their class. ;-)  I agree with Sharon when she says (in
general) that if they aren't helping you, or even if you feel that things
aren't going the way that they should be, go see someone else and see how
that works.  I've since been to see a military physiotherapist and he told
me to chuck the exercises I got from the previous one (something I should
have figured out for myself after feeling pain in my knees immediately
following the exercises!), and it's a shame that sometimes, which is too
often IMHO, we listen to some doctors who supposedly know what's best and
sometimes end up worse off then we started.  Sorry for the length..... :)

Take care all,

ps.- this was *not* meant to be a rant against doctors and their ilk!  Just
pointing out how some of them aren't all they're cracked up to be.... &-)