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re the Gathering

The Gathering is a weekend devoted to long distance hiking, put together by
the Appalachian Long Distance Hiking Assn. (ALDHA).  There are workshops,
discussions/debates, slide shows, movies etc. on hiking various long
distance trails around the world and a lot of other aspects of hiking (land
management, winter camping, women and the trail, etc.) Check out the ALDHA
home page for details.  The Gathering is always Columbus Day weekend, this
year in Carlisle PA, some years in Dartmouth, or West Virginia.  It is great
fun, very intense.

Re Badges:  At the Gathering, they will give out sticky name tags - you
write your own name, so it is easy enought to add AT-l to it.  Also, the
Friday night tradition includes a roll call by years - all the class of 95,
94, 93, 92 etc. At the end, they ask all the wannabe's to stand up. 
Usually, there is a gathering in one corner for all the next year hikers to
get together to meet, so you `97's can say hi.  Also, if at all possible,
take Warren Doyles workshops on hiking the AT - they are very good. (He has
hiked the trail at least 10 times - in sections, expeditions and even a
thru-hike or two.)  You will meet then.  Saturday night at the Square/Contra
dance, is also a good time to meet all the people you have heard about.  It
is also a lot of fun. 

Ginny "Spirit Walker" Owen - AT '88, '92