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Re:Slippery Therma-Rest...fix?

Whew..after weeks of neglect I just read all the AT-L mail in one
sitting.....a few modest comments....

 >I'm trying to figure out a way to make my Thermarest tacky so my sleeping
 >bag and I don't constantly slip off it during the night.  >>

In all of the discussions about sleeping pads..I didn't see anyone else who
uses my set-up.  After winter backpacking trips I became accustomed to
carrying my thermarest wrapped inside an old ensulite pad (or ridgerest) on
the outside of my pack.  The thermarest is protected during the day and my
bod is comfortable at night.  The ensolite is larger, so when it's underneath
the thermarest I don't unintentionally make extra miles at night.  This combo
has allowed me to sleep soundly in some rough areas and gives extra warmth on
those cold nights so that I can carry a lighter sleeping bag.  It is a little
extra weight, but it's worth it for me...

About the parolee....that's why I live and prosecute in Arizona....our
sentencing laws are real.....it is astounding to consider that this monster
is going to be out in society.

The downside of my location choice is that it's a long way to
Virginia.....good work and thanks to all of you who are out there making a

Jim? (I think it was you) Those two Grand Canyon trails cut through fragile
desert terrain that sustains thousands and thousands of hiking footprints (I
won't even discuss the hiking pole holes!) every week.  The hiker intensity
on those two trails is mind boggling.  (Not to mention deadly..the Canyon was
hungry this year)  The mules do earn their keep on those few trails upon
which they trod.  Next time you're out here, let me know.....those two trails
are the tourist highways, there are far better places in the canyon for real
backpackers to hike!  

As to umbrellas....last May I hiked from Springer for a while with a couple
that had hiked the PCT in '94...they were carrying a big umbrella as a hiking
pole (now what kind of mark does that make?) It seems that it was very handy
to make shade in the desert sun on the PCT, but it's usefulness on the AT
seemed limited..I'll be curious to see how far they carried it...(has anyone
on the trail seen Chuck and Dawn? He was hiking in sandals..) 

Finally, Gail.....congrats, you certainly did hike your own hike...and bless
you, you let us hike with you vicariously.....thank you for sharing your