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Re: [AT-L] Knee pops

My knee pops when going up the stairs, but it sounds more like a cracking
sound (my mother, who could hear it all the way across the living room, got
grossed out and made me go to a Dr. :) ).  This is because I have
patellar-femoral syndrome.  This is when the kneecap isn't tracking properly
(more common in females because of how our bodies are built) which can be
either "brought on" or aggravated by high amounts of physical activity that
is stressful on the knees.  However, my physiotherapist's knees also make
popping noises and he says there's nothing wrong with his.  YMMV -- best bet
is to go see an ortho guy about it and find out what the deal is.  

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>Has anyone else had problems with knee pops on climbing? Used to be just on
>steep climbs, now it happens to me too frequently, including just climbing
>the stairs. I had a bone scan two years ago but nothing showed, not even
>arthritis. Knee makes a cracking sound and feels like a bone is slipping.
>Worried about this re:long distance hiking. Suggestions/comments? - Sandy
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