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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] AT Repair

>Kathy spake thus:
>>Also - there was a story in yesterday's Post (there's a link to it
>>from near the top of the AT page) about the devastation Fran
>>caused in SNP.
>I went down to the AT in SNP on Saturday to help Andy from the PATC. He
>sawed up logs and trees that had fallen on the trail, and my friend and I
>cleared them away. We also dug trenches for water diversion tables along
>the trail. It's hard work - but there is more work that needs to be done.
>I'm planning on going again this weekend. If anyone lives in the DC/MD/VA
>area, I highly recommend going down and helping out.
>In a flyer handed out by the park, it said that over 2,000 trees fell on
>Skyline Drive alone. Now try to imagine the over 500 miles of trails that
>exist within the park! It was good to see the trail being used - we met 2
>south-bound thru hiker women with an Australian guy of theirs who started
>in Harrisburg, PA. I didn't get their names, but they wanted to get to
>Springer by Thanksgiving. They were followed by the "mad professor." They
>said that he hikes for 2 days then takes 1 day off. He's expecting to get
>to Georgia by December. :)
>On a side note, search and rescue teams are still looking for the missing
>"hiker" in SNP. I don't think he's going to be found for a while - he
>hadn't been hiking before, he didn't bring any equipment, and he was
>Happy trails!
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hey, is there anyone who has little or no chance of getting to Va to help,
help in any other way?