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Re: [AT-L] Boot & Sleeping Pad ?

At 10:03 PM 9/9/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Also haven't seen much discussion on sleeping pads.  I plan on using my 3/4
>therm-a-rest with the crazy creek chair adapter.  Anyone else use this
>setup? How did the pad hold up for six months straight and is the chair
>piece worth the extra pound it adds?  Thanks.
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I used the 3/4 and the crazy creek adapter (which I bought in Erwin after
watching so many of my fellow hikers enjoying their "chairs").  I used it
thru the Smokies, but eventually sent it home as more and more shelters had
picnic tables and we decided to rid ourselves of the extra weight. We also
traded in the 3/4 model (sent back home) and purchased the full length
ultralite model - it was bliss to get your knees and feet off the shelter
floor when they were screaming from too many days on the trail. I think
after a while, you find you just lean against a wall or somewhere or just
collapse and go to sleep.

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