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Re: [AT-L] Boot & Sleeping Pad ?

I was able to get my Vasque New Briars on clearance (for a steal) and they
were a half size larger than I use.  I never had any problems with that extra
half size.  Thorlo makes various thicknesses in socks.  Just buy the thickest
ones first and then if your foot grows you can use thinner.  The shoes will
stretch some of course.  I always buy my shoes a size larger and I've never
had problems.  I think most people buy their boots too small.  The hikers
were amazed I never carried camp shoes.  Of course, that was for the weight,
but I think if my boots are so uncomfortable at the end of the day of hiking
I need different boots!  

I carried the LE long thermarest and never regretted it for a single night.
 Nothing like a good night's sleep.   Gail/Gutsy