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More SNP Info.... (fwd)

I bounced this message from Andy earlier today but I guess the list
doesn't accept bounced messages - so I thought I would try forwarding it. 

Heard on Channel 5 (DC) news tonight that there's a search on for a
missing hiker from Arlington in SNP.  His car was in White Oak Canyon
parking lot.  The report said he'd been gone since August 13, but I
wondered if they might not have got the date wrong.  Maybe the 31st.

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Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 14:41:57 -0400
From: Andy Hiltz <AHiltz@bbn.com>
To: kathy@fred.net
Subject: More SNP Info....

Kathy - for the AT List:

Hey folks, SNP Really is TOTALLY Closed.

     Base: PATC Trails Forum 
     Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 14:57:09 GMT 
     From: Andy Hiltz <ahiltz@bbn.com> 

 I'd just like to emphasize once again that Shenandoah National Park is
totally closed. Please do
 not access the Park trail system from the boundaries. The Skyline Drive and
ALL trails in the Park
 are CLOSED until further notice. The fresh water system in the Park is
down. The phone system is
 also down. The Park is operating in emergency management mode right now.
They do not want
 anyone entering the Park at all. All Park personnel are currently dedicated
to emergency

 A reopening time for the Park has not yet been determined.

 PATC Webmaster