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Re: [AT-L] Re: Enough on Electronics.....Lets talk Food !!

>From: wb4pan@juno.com (Charles W Davidson)
>So what do you eat on long hikes and what about the cost? If any one has 
>their thru hike planning list with costs that they would like to share, I
>would shure like to have a copy. 

I finally found the Gorp homepage, which has several different sections
related to food, recipes and even baking in the backcountry including what
looks to be a good recipe for blue cornbread.  There's also a segment on
food tips where you can get some ideas on store-bought foods that were just
*made* (or so it seems..) for taking on the trail.  I only have the basic
address for them so you might have to root around the page a bit to find the
food sections; it's:  http://www.gorp.com/   .   Have fun!  And if anyone
else finds some good pages, let us all know......

Happy dehydrating,

p.s.- I'll be going out backcountry cook-book hunting soon, so if I find any
recipes that look truly outstanding I'll get them to you all. :)