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Trail Names and the Web project

> In a message dated 96-08-27 21:22:03 EDT, FrankLogue@aol.com writes:
>  My brother, who runs Athensnet in Athens, GA has volunteered to set up a
>  system where anyone can type an entry in a database that will appear on a
>  web page on our @Logue web site. The current setup he is working on is Trail
>  name, actual name (to distinguish different folks with the same trail name)
>  and year (or years) hiked. I think we can have this up in about two weeks >>

Well, I suppose I'm in one of those moods today, but I fail to see the need for
such a project.  Most people that I know who happen to have a trail name
(either self-imposed or attributed by someone else) don't really care that
there are others with the same name.  If fact some have indicated that they are
pleased that others chose the same name as they.  I certainly wouldn't be
offended should someone decide to use mine.  It often makes for some good
conversation about whether you are "Rover '91" or "Rover '86".  

While I can concede that many would rather not choose a pseudonym or trail name
that has already been used, nothing says that you can't.  The trail names are
not copyrighted nor trademarks to the best of my knowledge.  Nothing or no one
says that you must have a trail name.  Most are taken for anonymity, which
translates in the Greek to 'nameless'.  Some purport to say something about the 
the individual's personality, as perceived by the individual or another.

Just because something can be done, it doesn't follow that it should.  In any 
case, if the project proceeds, there will be only the trail names of those 
on this list and others who might reach Frank's website by other routes and
choose to "REGISTER".  Goodness!  I guess that word is wnat gives me the
shudders.  Pretty soon the list will be taken as "OFFICIAL" and folks will be
severely chastised for trying to use a trail name the is on the list already.
I can hear it now!  As to all the other hundreds ore thousands out there on the
trail who have now REGISTERed, those poor misfits, I just don't see how they
will ever be able to finish the AT or even set foot on it or any other trail
as the are without the OFFICIAL SANCTION of the REGISTER.

Lighten up folks!  Forget the perceived sanctity of a trailname which I have 
seen in many of the recent (and not so recent) posts to the list.  While I
appreciate Frank's willingness to provide this service, if you can call it
that, I just don't see the necessity of doing so.

John Newman

P.S.  Frank and I are very good friends.. at least were were before this
message.  Iexpect we will continue to be.  So I'm not lambasting Frank or any
other individual on the list.  I make my living questioning the need for
particular computer applications and implementing those found worthy.  Think
about it!
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