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Trail Names and the Web project

It's my turn to ramble a little bit about the Trail Name Web project.

To a large degree I agree with John on this.  If it could kept as a "fun"
thing it would be great.  Unfortunately, there's a too large segment
of the human race that can't tolerate allowing others to be free.  People
like Jester drive them crazy - people like me just tell them where to
put it.

So eventually there'd be an ongoing attempt to establish the list as
a "registry" for trail names.   Right now you can choose any trail
name that fits you - and that's how you "should" choose your
trail name - because it fits who and what you are.   "Jester" is an
absolutely appropriate name for the man who wears it - and he wears
it proudly.

Establishment of a "registry" might - no, at some point, WOULD -
preclude your using a trail name that fits you - and force you into
using a trail name that might be unique - but has nothing to do with
who and what YOU are.   Take a look at what's been coming across
on the list lately - there are a number of people who are looking for
"unique" trail names.   Where are the ones who don't give a damn
whether it's "unique" but care a whole lot about whether it fits

I'm Bald Eagle.  And I don't care whether there are 2 or 2000
other Bald Eagles out there - my trail name was chosen because
it fits ME.   If it fits someone else too - cool - use it.  I don't
own it, I don't have a copyright on it - and I don't want to.

What I do want is for you - all of you  - to get as much out of
your hike as possible - whatever your hike is .   And part of
that is tied up with being comfortable with who you are - and a
part of that is having a trail name that tells the world who you
are.  Your mother and father gave you the name by which the
"world" knows you - it's what's on your Social Security card
and your drivers license.   For once - and for probably the only
time in your life - you've got a chance to pick the name by which
you'll be known to your peers - your fellow hikers.  This is a fun
thing - but it's also serious because it's a chance to establish a
part of your own identity.   Pick your trail name carefully - some
of you will carry it with you for the rest of your lives.

That being said - the list of trail names WILL happen.  I agree
with John that just because something CAN be done doesn't
 mean it SHOULD be done.  But somewhere out there in
cyberland there's somebody who's going to pick up this idea
and run with it.  There's ALWAYS someone like that.   And
shooting them doesn't help - it just gets you talked about,
and makes room for the next one.

So if it's going to be done, it seems to me that it might better be
done by people who understand that it's OK for there to be a
Yogi 92 and a Yogi 93 and a Yogi 94 and  ........  rather than
leave it to someone who doesn't understand that - and would
attempt to make it a "registry" and limit the trail names to
those which were unique.

My 2 cents.  It's lunch time and I'm hungry, so --

Walk softly,

>In a message dated 96-08-28 16:31:01 EDT, you write:
><< Pretty soon the list will be taken as "OFFICIAL" and folks will be
> severely chastised for trying to use a trail name the is on the list
> I can hear it now!  As to all the other hundreds ore thousands out there on
> trail who have now REGISTERed, those poor misfits, I just don't see how they
> will ever be able to finish the AT or even set foot on it or any other trail
> as the are without the OFFICIAL SANCTION of the REGISTER. >>
>Scarry thoughts these. I don't mind having an online database where people
>can see what other hikers have selected to call themselves, but I too would
>hate for anyone to think of it as official in any way.