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David -

Don't get too upset - it really was in "fun".  I've met a few - but very
few - Boy Scout groups that weren't good campers and good neighbors.
I'm not even sure which kind I was when I was a Scout - that was a long
time ago.

Walk softly,

>Jim Owen wrote:
>> Boy Scout troops, church groups, college groups and hoods-in-the-woods
>Oh! Oooh! Oooohh!  I'm seeing red now!
>Not my Scout Troop!  We follow low/minimum impact camping standards, and
>keep our group size small.  We limit AT hikes to First Class rank and
>above, so only experienced campers participate on these trips.  We don't
>hog shelters, and best of all, often offer to share our "delicious,
>wholesome, and nutritious" meals with thru hikers.
>I realize your statement was all in fun (it was, wasn't it?).  I have
>felt like you when I have come into a shelter area to find it swarming
>with kids from a single group.
>You'll find many of us Scouters on the trail, not necessarily with our
>troops.  A few years ago in SW Virginia [running to get trail notes...it
>was 4-17-90], I stayed in Saunders Shelter on Straight Mtn.  There were
>seven of us total, three of the seven were thru-hikers (not me).  Of the
>seven, five were Eagle Scouts, one was a Silver Beaver holder, and the
>other was a long-time Scoutmaster, something like twenty years.  The
>oldest Eagle earned his award in 1932!
>To add to the list, How about getting all cleaned up and smelling better,
> and just when you start to eat, a new shelter arrival peels off his
>boots and rotten socks, sickening you with the stench!   :@)