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Re: Titanium Cookware

   My hiking partner & I just bought titanium pots and used them on a week
backpacking trip to the Smokies.  We both loved them.  He got the small &
medium, and they are a tight fit when nesting one inside the other.  I have
the medium, and can find no drawbacks.  The handles & lid handle do away with
the necessity for the pot lifter.  I cooked an apple cobbler in mine and the
sugar scorched a little area on the bottom; it cleaned easily with a soaking
of a few minutes, and a gentle cleaning with a teflon pad.  Oh, one other
thing, foods tend to cool a little faster in the titanium than in stainless.
 I think it's something with titanium being a poor heat conductor.  Water
seems to boil as fast but it cools much faster.  Just means you can begin to
eat sooner!    I think the weight factor justifies the price!