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Re: Radio


> Do you have any particular models of Sony that have all of the features
> that you  listed in your message?  Also besides a handheld is there any
> other ham radios you have  taken hiking with you?  I am a ham and am
> curious as to what others have taken hiking  with them.
> --
> Dwayne "drichff@interpath.com"

I got a Sony model ICF-SW10 at a hamfest for $50.  It has AM, FM, LW
(broadcast band in Europe; air nav. beacons in US), and many shortwave
broadcast bands.  It's not fully general-coverage but has enough overlap
for WWV.  It's about the size of a paperback book, about one inch thick.
Runs seemingly forever on two AA-cells.

Of several models I have tried, Sonys are more sensitive than Sangeans
(which are also sold under the Radio Shack brand).

Haven't tried HF transmitting in the backcountry.  The abovementioned
receiver would not be suitable for that since it does not cover ham bands
and has no BFO.

--  Frank    reid@indiana.edu    W9MKV    NSS 9086    new EMT