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Re: Raingear...

I lived without gore-tex for along time. I used a PVC (at least I
think that is what it was called) parka from Campmor, kinda
worked okay, at least no major leaks, but about two years ago we discovered
a three ply gore-tex shell we could live with. It is the Mont-Bell
Stormcruiser, total weight 12.5 ozs , which solves some of the weight
problem. After two years of hard use, I can still say I would buy it
again . It packs down to almost nothing in it's own stuff sack, has
a very simple, but very functional design, and is the only parka
we tried, (and we tried alot) that we thought really "breathed".
Yes we realize gore-tex is supposed to breath, but for some reason
in alot of the parkas we couldn't decide if the moisture was coming
from outside or in, this one didn't have that problem. We have found
the Stormcruiser to be , light, dependable, durable (it survived me)
and functions as advertised. (and no we don't work for Mont-Bell
even though we will probably look like a Mont-Bell poster couple
on the trail next year since so far they have won every clothing round, from
Dri-on long underwear, to polarfleece, to our basic lids, and hiking shorts).

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Ga to ME '97