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Re: How long...

Yea you're right the planning is alot of fun, and is does help
with the mail drop schedule. But there are other things that
help with the planning, thus why I am replying to the group
not just you personally. Alison and I live in the midwest
about a 20 hour hard drive to the nearest point on the trail,
because of that we can't just walk out to the trail and do an overnighter,
so we enjoy very much reading AT trip reports. I don't know how many
other people like them, but to us they provide valuable information,
about shelters, campsites, trail conditions, towns, and many other intangibles.
We read each one many times and even cross reference them to other
trips in the same area, that way a "picture" of any particular part
of the trail can begin to take shape. And even though we are
envious of the people who write them (because you're there
and we're not) we thank you for sharing them, and hey if you have
some you don't want to share with the group, send them to us, we
promise they will get read ( and even cross referenced) .

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
Ga to ME '97