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Re: Dogs on Long Trail

Here's a few to get you started...

0.  Check to see that dogs are permitted the area in which
    you'll be hiking.
1.  The dog must be well-behaved and obedient.  Otherwise,
    leave it home.
2.  Bring a leash. You'll need one.
3.  Be vigilant on the trail...injuries, fatigue, dehydration, etc.
    The pads on a dog's feet can be incredibly tough or incredibly
    fragile, sometimes both at the same time.
4.  Take local wildlife hazard (porks, snakes, bugs, geese, etc.)
    into account and plan accordingly.  Check with vet beforehand
    if unsure about first aid procedures.
5.  Take the feelings of others into consideration.  Your opinion
    of your dog may not be shared by those you meet.
6.  Get a dog pack and get the dog used to carrying it before you
    leave (probably not practical in your case).
7.  Bring food you know the dog will eat.  Some dogs become
    picky eaters when tired and need to be cajoled into eating.
8.  Bring along a water dish...after a few trips, Fido will become
    adept at drinking from a water bottle, though :)