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A hiking we will go.......

At last I can start to feel the excitement of leaving on vacation to go
hiking!! We will be starting our hike at  VA Rt. 603 (just north of Mt.
Rogers/Grayson Highlands) on May 26th and be hiking South to Damascus VA.  We
will also continue past Damascus to TN Rt. 421 since we have yet to do this
section if our bodies permit.  I say that because with the family/legal
problems encountered recently and the awful Spring we've been having, we are
totally out of shape due to lack of time to get more than an hour's walk in
every day!!  This is part of the reason for the Southbound direction;that and
our car is safer parked in Damascus.

But it won't be the first time we've hiked like that, it's just not as
enjoyable as when you are in better shape.  The breaks of being over 45 yrs.
of age!  I feel so far behind in planning (food, etc.) but I know we won't
starve......never have yet anyway. Anyone else on this list going to be in
that area at that time?  I'll be looking for familiar names in the registers.
 My ankle is still giving me problems, but again I have always kept going
with it and it's been bothering me for 3 yrs. now.  I sure hope we meet some
of you out there.  I'll attempt giving a report of who we did see when we
were out there when I get back.  I am not that great at keeping tabs on
everything.  I am too busy enjoying every moment of being outdoors and in the
forest!!!!!  Anyone want to watch my dog?  I'm still working on *that*
problem!  I'm buying a little filly this week too, but at least I don't have
to worry about taking her to a kennel or something.  My poor little Jack
Russell Terrier!!

Happy Trails!

IL Fltlndr@aol.com