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Hey all;
        I was just wondering....what's everyone bringing/what did everyone
bring for their thru-hike for raingear?  I've had one salesperson tell me I
won't be able to live without Gore-tex, and I've had another one tell me I
could do without it as long as I had one of those new jackets/pants that are
made of lightweight, breathable, hydrophobic material.  What do you guys
think?  Puh-leeeeaaaase tell me I don't need Gore-tex....it's so damn
expensive! :(   A biggie for me is that I want something that's really
breathable because what's the point in protecting yourself from the rain if
you're just going to be soaked by your own sweat anyway?  I'd rather be wet
and clean, thanks! :)   

Ideas? Comments? Rude remarks?

Ga -> Me April '97
Standby to receive! :)

ps.- Another thought - I know Gore-tex is breathable, but I also know it
probably wouldn't be after getting all dirty after going 5 - 7 days without
being washed.  Well, I know it wouldn't rain for 5 - 7 days straight (would
it?), but ya know what I mean..... :-)