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Re: Boots to last

Marjolein -
I wouldn't want to discourage you, but you've got conflicting requirements.
The only boots that I know that'll make it all the way for a thruhike are
the heavy mountaineering boots or Limmers.  The problem is that the heavy
boots tend to tear up your knees - and that'll reduce your probability of
finishing the Trail.

The following is a post that I put on another list this afternoon -

>Jeff -
>My thoughts on boots -
>Goretex in boots is a ripoff - it works as long as it's clean. Then it
>How do you keep the inside of your boots clean?
>No boot is waterproof for very long.
>I used up 3 pairs of Sundowners and a pair of lightweights on an AT thruhike.
>My partner made it on 2 pairs of Sundowners. We buy Sundowners cause they
>fit our extra wide thruhiker feet and we haven't found anything better - NOT
>for the Goretex. If we find something better (cheaper, lighter, more
>comfortable, more durable), we'll switch in a heartbeat.
>There are as many opinions about boots as there are people who buy them -
>have fun with it.

A few - very few - people make it on one pair of boots.  The rest of us
either plan on multiple pairs or get surprised when the bog monsters eat
our boot soles.   I'd suggest that you find boots that are comfortable and
relatively durable - and make sure you have the manufacturers customer
service number with you on the Trail.
Good luck.

Walk softly,
Jim Owen
Bald Eagle, AT-92

>  I am planning a thru hike for '97 and am in a quandry about boots.  I
>started out trying on evrything in sight, but soon became very
>disappointed.  In Ithaca Ny, my home town there are only about 4 models
>of boots for women, and everyone told me a different story about how long
>they will last.  I would ideally like a boot that will last the entire
>AT.  I almost don't care if it falls off of my foot the moment I reach
>the very end of the trail, but if something exists that fits me that
>would last longer, I would like that.
>  I know the dangers of just getting a brand that people says work for
>them, and I have been thoroughly convinced that I need to try anything on
>and make sure it fits my feet, but I need help narrowing down the boots
>which I should try.  SO
>  I am interested in the name of any women's boot that has made it the
>whole way, and in particular I would like some comments about the Vasque
>sundowner and some Asolo boots (as those are readily available to me in
>                  Thanks!
>                    marjolein Schat
>                     Ge -------------> Me '97