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Re: Boots to last

FYO: used two pair of Vasque Skywalker II on my thru-hike. Bought them 
because of width consideration, seems as though only Vasque makes wide 
boots in men's sizes (other boot makers...are you reading?). 

Bought both pair together and broke them in before leaving for GA. 
Estimated that I would need pair 2 in DWG, PA, which was correct (but 
a really close call). The second pair was in very good shape at Katadhin, 
but REI gave me a handsome trade-in credit towards pair 3 because pair 2  
wasn't waterproof (I didn't buy them for the Gore-Tex, but 
if they advertise it, and I pay extra (ca. $160) for it, then......). How 
much do I weigh? 200+ depending what stage of a hike I'm in, so weight  
didn't seem to be a consideration.

Good hiking.....

       GA----ME "94