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Re: cindi

>hey cindi--i just deleted your email address before getting it written down.
>could you just do a reply back so i can send you the list?

Hey Alisa!
        Here ya go:  peck@glen-net.ca.  Thanks a lot for the list!
Actually, carpooling sounds like a great idea - sure would be a lot cheaper
than flying down......if it starts looking like that's what's going to
happen (depending on where you are at the time..) maybe we could even find
someone else who's nearby and going so we could split the gas?  Anyway, I'll
keep ya posted.  It's almost a whole year away (groan!), so I guess I'll
just have to satisfy myself with testing my new gear on trails in and around
Ontario.......  TTYL... :)

Ga -> Me April '97
Standby to receive! :)

ps.- It looks like I'll definitely be getting the Osprey pack, but I'm not
sure if I should go for the Isis (smaller) or the Amelia (larger).  If I go
by the idea of "you should only carry 25% of your body weight" then I'll be
carrying 30-40#, but I'm not quite sure how much space I'll be needing
anyway.  My stuff could be light, but bulky, or (God forbid!) heavy but
takes up little space.   ???