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Crestone II

   The Crestone II is my first "real" pack, although I have borrowed a 
couple over the years.  I have been very happy with it so far, mostly
because I bought it because I liked the feel, and that is the most 
important factor in any pack purchase.  I thought it was a good deal for
the money- I paid about $250.  As far as I am concerned, it has a lot
of extra strapping (much to relieve stress on the zipper and to attach
the stuff pocket to the pack), which many purists 
would feel unnecessary (at least for a full top-loader), but it still
comes in at a good weight for it's size.  There is no shortage of 
places to stuff things and attach to the pack.
   If I had one complaint, it is that the waist belt seems to loosen 
a bit after a while on the trail, and I have to retighten it.  I am not
sure how common this is in other packs.
   Cannot speak to durability since I picked it up just last summer.

Howie Breinan