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Backtrack, hitchhike, or shuttle?

   I've posted this on the USENET groups but have only gotten one 
response, so I'll post it here, too.

       What do most people do when backpacking for extended distances or
even short distances for that matter?  I'd like to hike for the whole 60
miles (or even 20 miles if only for 2 days) without having to walk back
to the trailhead to drive home (Don't want to do this).  Do most people only
walk half way along the trail and then backtrack to the parking lot?  Or
do you hitch a ride back (doesn't seem too safe)?  Or are there shuttles
or some kind of tranportation that takes hikers back in certain parks?
(Del. Water Gap, for example)
    Usually I have hiked a circular trail or had someone who stayed at the
campground and picked up the whole group at a set rendezvous point.  Both
of these are out of the question for our hike.

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