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Re: Backtrack, hitchhike, or shuttle?

Paul wrote:
>      What do most people do when backpacking for extended distances or
>even short distances for that matter?   Do most people only walk half way
along the >trail and then backtrack to the parking lot?  Or
>do you hitch a ride back (doesn't seem too safe)?  Or are there shuttles
>or some kind of tranportation that takes hikers back in certain parks?

I've hiked most of Pa and New England in sections and have never walked back.
 I've had good luck with buses, which kind of suprised me.  You can usually
leave a car for a week at a motel if you have stayed there.   I've also left
a car at one end of a section, taken a taxi to the other end, and walked
back.  I've also used the AMC shuttle in the White Mountains.  And I once got
a shuttle ride from a fellow who ran a bed-and-breakfast where I stayed.  My
only hitch was from Pinkham Notch NH down to Gorham NH on a summer Sunday
afternoon; it took about 30 seconds to get the ride because a significant
percentage of the population of Boston is up at Pinkham Notch on any summer
weekend.   I have a feeling that buses will be less available as I go further
south, but the ATC list of shuttle drivers looks like it has more help in the

I'd be happy to discuss transportation on specific sections via e-mail

Bob Shroy