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Re: Good news for Asolo owners! :-))))

>them your dead Asolos.  That's it!  Sight unseen and for free.  Also, if
>there happens to be an Asolo dealer where you are on the Trail, they can get
>you a pair quicker by just going through them instead of mailing out a pair.
>Whew!  I feel better!  I think from now on Asolos are my brand for life... :)

        Cindi if this is indeed true they will be the brand I switch to if I
find a pair that fits.  That is unless raichle will match this deal.  I have
talked to the raichle people once and they didn't seem overly friendly.  I
just asked them for a source of shoestrings like came on my boots since no
one in my area carried the shostrings not even the raichle dealers.  Their
answer was "we don't sell the shostrings seperately." I am glad to see that
one boot manufacturer wants a hikers business.

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