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Re: GMSNP & Rangers

I don't Mind.  The GSMNP is a heavily used park.  From reading this list the
past month, I've noticed some comments about trashed shelters in the park.
More than I'd like to be hearing about.  The only places these permits are
relavant are the RESERVED campsites (approx. 20).  If this will keep people
in line, then more power to them.  This is my favorite place to go.  I've
always enjoyed the freedom to drive there and SELF-REGISTER at a ranger
station, then, go hiking!   Hopefully the park will continue to be as
enjoyable in the future.


>On both of my last 2 trips in the Smokies I've came across Rangers checking
permits and issuing fines.  I really hate this type of regulation, but
something about calling a place a National Park seems to get it "loved" too
>Roger Bolton

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