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Re: Packs-Dana

In a message dated 96-04-30 14:27:42 EDT, you write:

>I'm wondering what kind and size of packs most people used on the trail.  I 
>understand that the Dana Design Terraplane is very popular but I don't 
>really have that kind of money and no way to find one where I live.  I have 
>been looking at a couple of 70-80 litre packs like the Arc'Teryx Bora 70 
>and the Jack Wolfskin Pintigonia II (sp) are they big enough?
This is just my  $.02, but I think the Terraplane is a great pack, but I
wouldn't carry one that large (5,800 ci).  I think a pack around 5,000 ci is
large enough, but I am not a thru hiker--yet we do stay out a week at a time
without resupplying.  I think the Expedition size packs would be good when
you had to carry all your winter gear at each end of the thru hike, but would
sure opt for a smaller, lighter pack the rest of the time.  I realize not
everyone can have a spare pack, of course.

IL Fltlndr@aol.com