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Re: replacing boots & shelter space


>On another subject - but somewhat related - regarding the thruhikers who 
expect to get first use of the shelters as a "right"   -  it always seemed a 
bit ironic that the weekenders who often  were ill prepared and badly geared 
were expected to sleep outside while the thruhikers, who of all people ought 
to have the right gear and be prepared for camping, expected the inside 
spots.  I know it is a pain to have to set up camp in the rain - but better 
that those with the proper gear do it than those with the kmart tents and 
cotton clothes.  In the Smokies there were only two beds allotted for 
thru-hikers per shelter - how often did the thruhikers give up their beds to 
those who had made reservations weeks in advance?  
>My $0.02 worth.
>Ginny Spirit Walker Frost  

The Park Service now allots 3 spaces to thru-hikers in the Smokies. We 
didn't have any problems as no more than 12 hikers used the shelters when I 
hiked thru. Two of us were out for 4 days and the rest were thru hikers. I 
did hear that on prior nights that 19 were at Silers Bald Shelter, all thru 

We didn't have any problems at all. Everyone was very considerate. Wasn't 
treated any differently by anyone, just because I was a "lowly" section 
hiker out for 4 days. My big fear prior to the hike was that if I had set up 
a tent near or in the general vicinity of the shelter, I would be fined by 
the Park Service. I thought maybe that the Rangers would look the other way 
if it were a thru hiker. I did have confirmed reservations. 

Pete Fornof