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Re: introduction

In a message dated 96-04-30 16:16:01 EDT, WELLBRNBL@conrad.appstate.edu

>I live quite close to the Blue Ridge Parkway for which I am very grateful.
>Am interested in hearing from hikers who go out on afternoon and week-end
>trips. Occasional week trips too.
>Also from female hikers I would like to hear the subject of hiking alone
>and being safe addressed.--
>Bea Wellborn
Go for it Bea!

I wish I were so lucky to be in the mts. like you are, and to be in the field
of education where a person can get some time off in the summer.

I think a woman is safe enough along the AT.  Just use some common sense. I
think it is a good policy not to tell anyone you meet along the trail or in
town the exact location you have in mind for camping for the night.
 *Usually* you are safe at the shelters, but there is an occasional
goof-ball.  I don't like being at a shelter within a mile or two from a road
or other well used access points(ATV's etc.) .   99.9% of the time I have not
felt uneasy about others on the trail.

IL Fltlndr@aol.com