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Re: trail crew work

I'll add my praise for the ATC Trail crew program.  It's really a good
time, they provide food, a place to sleep and you get to spend a week or
more working and sleeping on or near the A.T.  I'm most familiar with the
southern program.  The crew handbook will tell you everything that you
need to know, but here's some info: 

It was initially based in Konnarock Va.  and still goes by that name even
though it is now based in a YCC camp next to the Mt.  Rogers Work Center
in Sugar Grove Va.  They work from Thursday to Monday and return to Sugar
Grove on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The base camp has cabins with an
electricity, an industrial kitchen, bathhouses, and most of the comforts
of home.  In the field the crew (usually 6 to 7 people including the
crewleader) set up a camp where there is reasonable road access.  In some
cases they hike in a short distance to get closer to the Trail, which
makes for a more enjoyable campsite, but cuts into the time left for
working.  They have a supply of tents, packs, and other gear, but many
people bring their own.  They carry propane stoves, large water filters,
and everything needed to prepare and eat meals, so you can leave that
behind.  For the most part, you can show up at base camp with almost 
nothing and they will outfit you - just let them know first.

It's a great experience! 

                - Dave Wilcox (a former 'rocker from '87 & '88)
                              (now an ODATC maintainer)

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Schuyler Stultz wrote:

> CCOOOOLL  I got a call last night from the trail crew leader that I'll
> be working with this May.  I'm so psyched!!!  From May 9-13 I'll be doing
> some trail crew work on the Southern crew.  I'm not sure yet where we'll
> be, but he said the "Base camp" will be in the Mt Rogers area.  So any of you
> that haven't left yet, I may get a chance to meet you.  We'll be doing some
> trail re-location and re-grading I was told.  By any chance, is anyone else
> on that same trail crew?  I know, long shot of a chance, but thought I'd
> ask.  :-)
> They're going to be sending me a pack of info this coming week, but I'm
> still curious.  What is meant by "basic camping gear?"  I realize I should
> bring pack, sleeping bag and pad, clothes.  but what about a tent, stove, fuel?
> I realize this will probably be covered in the packet I get later, but
> I'm just too anxious.  The weather finally turned very springlike today (not
> a cloud in they sky an temps in the 70's.  gotta love it) so I keep thinking
> more and more about getting on the trail.
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