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Re: Getting off of mailing-list for AT

J. Edward Bernard wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
>   I was wondering if you could help me with something:  I've been trying
> for a while to get off of the AT mailing list.  I've followed all of the
> proper instructions.  I've attached an example of my most recent attempt
> to resign my membership.  Nothing seems to work !  Do you have any
> advice to give ?  Am I doing something wrong ?  Any help you could give
> would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks, and...
> Have a good diurnal temporal transition period !
> Ed
>       Date:  04/04/1996  11:00 am  (Thursday)
>       From:  J. Edward Bernard
>    Subject:  unsubscribe AT-L
> unsubscribe AT-L

me too!

Albert Meyer-Pflug