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Re: trail crew work

> CCOOOOLL  I got a call last night from the trail crew leader that I'll
.. text deleted...
> trail re-location and re-grading I was told.  By any chance, is anyone else
> on that same trail crew?  I know, long shot of a chance, but thought I'd
> ask.  :-)

Schuyler, you'll be on the famous Konnarock Crew, so named for their Basecamp
near Konnarck , Mt Rogers, Damascus, VA.  I have worked with them on 4 or 5
different occasions.  I was not a member of 'da Crew', as they like to say.
Rather, I was working as a member of both the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club 
and Nantahala Hiking Club when 'da Crew' came to do some heavy-duty trail work
on various sections that the respective AT maintaining clubs are responsible
for.  Most times the Konnarock Crew works by itself during the week and AT club
members come out on weekends to add more manpower.

Talks with crew members over the years indicated that all had positive
experiences.  It is hard physical labor, and you will definitely be very tired 
at the end of the day.  The comraderie among the crew is a great thing, as you
are all out there for a common purpose and your are volunteering your time and
efforts for a good cause.

Whereever you go for your week.  you will meet some good people, work hard,
have lots of fun, and experience a sense of accomplishment.  good luck and

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