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Re: Apex Stove

Matt -
This sounds to me like an improper air/fuel mixture.  Suggestion - take
the stove apart again and clean (spray) it with either carburetor cleaner
or brake cleaner.   Make sure you spray the cleaner through all the
internal air and fuel passages.  I use this method to clean out the carbon
and other junk on my whisperlite.  It works for me.

If you do this - do it outside and use newspaper to catch the drips.
It's REALLY NOT GOOD  to breathe that stuff and your mother will
have conniption fits if you kill her flowers - and rightfully so.

Walk softly,

>Also, I took the burner section apart in order to clean out the beef
>stroganoff that I recently dumped into it.  After putting it back together,
>I can't seem to get the proper blue flames, i.e., they're often yellow or
>uneven.  I retried a couple of times, readjusting those burner ring
>thingys, but I can't get it right.  Any advice?  A million thanks-
>Matt  Holmes