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Re: Update of Thru Hike

>Great!  The more we hear from the trail, the better!  If I can't be out
>there now, the next best thing is to participate in our own way through
>others.  Please do post.

Okay, here is the 1st installment. "Gutsy" dropped me a postcard written at 
the Gooch Gap Shelter which I received yesterday. She indicates her mileage 
is improving and trail conditons muddy. She talked about having lentils, 
potatoes, beans, etc. for dinner and that her fellow thru-hikers were 
jealous that she had such a scrumptous dinner. Apparently, they were eating 
freeze dried out of pouches. She is planning on meeting her husband at 
Winding Stair Gap this week. I don't want to get real specific as to times 
and places for obvious reasons, but my team of AOL Tag Teamers are meeting 
her in the Smokies sometime next week to accompany her thru that area. I can 
tell you that she is absolutely thrilled to be living her dream. She is just 
floating down the trail. I can tell you from personal experience that she 
can really fly. She uses Leki Trekking poles and usually disappears in a 
matter of minutes after starting to hike. She doesn't do this all the time, 
but when the scenery is boring, she just eats up miles. She doesn't stop 
much either. 

I'll update the list when I receive another postcard or when I get back from 
the Smokies.