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Re: Trail pecking order?

Steve -

If there was anything in what I wrote to imply a "pecking order" - I
That was NOT the intent.   There are  some thruhikers who develop an attitude
about non-thruhikers, but that's an individual problem and shouldn't be applied
to thruhikers in general.  I've always figured that others, whatever they were,
were 'hiking their hike' and as long as they were happy with what they were
I had no reason to complain.  Unless they're doing something stupid, dangerous
or disruptive.  But that's a different subject.

The message I wanted to get across was that if you pick a trail name - make
sure it fits you and that you're happy with it.  And don't accept a trail name
that someone else hangs on you if you don't like it.   This is YOUR life - if
you're not happy with it - then change it.

There are some people, both thruhikers and otherwise, with personality
problems - and some of them have been tagged with trail names that aren't
necessarily complimentary.   Personal opinion and practice is that if the
"trailname" is so uncomplimentary that I wouldn't want to wear it, I don't
use it in reference to others  either.   Regardless of their problems, these
are people we're talking about not objects.  Treat them as such - positive
or negative, it sometimes comes back to you in unexpected ways.

The "Tete de fer" reference was used about a person who's a self-proclaimed
hard head.  Still, I probably shouldn't have used it - and I apologize for
Yeah, I make mistakes, too - lots of them.

One thing you will run into on the AT (at least as a thruhiker) is the
purist/blueblazer wars.  I 'll get involved in that to this extent only -
I consider the arguments on both sides to be useless, divisive and
destructive.   I either ignore them or laugh at them, whichever is
appropriate at the moment.

Walk softly,

>    A couple of recent postings about trailnames for section hikers seemed
>to imply that there is some sort of enforced pecking order for AT hikers.
>There may be some that feel this way, but I've not run across it as a
>section hiker, not on the trail and not on this list. I've shared shelters
>with mixes of thru hikers,section hikers, and weekenders. As long as people
>were knowledgable about backpacking and had no glaring personality problems
>people seem to be part of the same family. I don't think Jim was saying any
>different in his post, I suspect the particular section/day hikers he
>mentions would have received negative trail names even as thru hikers. Even
>thru hikers can be unpopular to other thru hikers. In recent years there
>has been at least one thru hiker who has become so unpopular as to be
>legendary. There may have been thru hikers that have looked down on me as a
>section hiker, but I'm not going to worry about anybody that doesn't follow
>the saying, "Hike your own hike".
>                                    Steve Coombs
>                                  GA 89 > ME 21st century