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Re: Boots

In message Mon, 1 Apr 96 06:09:08 EST, at-l@patsy.hack.net  writes:

> Here's another data point:
> In Nepal, when the loads get heavy, the Nepalis remove their footwear.
> That's if they own any, of course...
> jim
> jloudon@gic.gi.com

Same in Mexico.  When I went to Sotano de las Golondrinas (1150-foot pit) in
1973, we hired a local man to carry our 80 pounds of rope 10 miles over a
couple of 3000-foot mountains.  He refused the pack frame that we had
attached; he tied a tumpline to the duffel bag and took off, and we with
"modern" backpacks had a hard time keeping up with him.  He wore shoes, but
they were slick-soled injection-molded plastic things that were split in
numerous places.  Other Mexicans we met on the trail were similarly
equipped, carrying huge loads on their backs, supported by straps around
their foreheads.  Amazing!


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