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Re: Apex stove

Matt said:
>yellow flames when I first start it.  I've already singed the hair off my
>forehead, and I've been fooling with it for a couple of days.  I know Alisa
>is asking about the apex also, so does anyone own the stove that can
>provide some helpful hints?

I got an Apex II Multifuel at the beginning of last summer and have had no
such trouble with it.

Serious flame problems can occur with this design if you overfill the fuel
tank or if you don't have the little plastic tubes in the fuel tank right.  I
don't understand the details, but this design wants to have a pocket of fuel
vapor inside the fuel tank.  The plastic tubes actually guide vapors to the
burner, not liquid fuel.  If you get no pocket of vapor (by overfilling the
tank), or if the plastic tubes do not end in the vapor pocket, you get
straight fuel out into the burner.  I have seen a friend do this with a Peak
that has the fuel tank built in underneath the burner.  However, if this is
the problem, usually what happens is that fuel runs out all over everything
and burns there; usually it doesn't flare up.

Anyway, the stove has worked well for me.  Stick with it.

Bob Shroy