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Re: Apex stove


I use an Apex II regularly and you will get a hair singing column of yellow
flames if you light it the way Coleman suggests. 

Two tips to help: 

1) make sure that your fuel tank is fully pressurized. If you don't get it as
pressurized as possible, you won't get a blue flame at all. 

2) Peak 1 says you don't have to pre-heat the stove, but I think that is
overly optimistic. We always light the stove and then immediately shut off
the gas supply. This creates the forementioned yellow flames, which will burn
for a short time after you cut off the gas. As those flames die out, turn the
gas back on a relight. This short preheating has always worked to have our
Apex II fire back to life with a blue flame and the second lighting (just
like a Whisperlite does).

-Frank Logue