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Re: knees and names

>     Several people have mentioned knee problems. The first time I back-
> packed I blew out a knee and the second time I blew out the other one.
> My solution has been to wear Ace spandex knee braces, which is not
> fun on hot days but has meant the difference between agonizing pain
> and no problem. I've never seen anyone on the trail wearing them, and
> no one has mentioned them on this list, so I thought I'd pass it on. 

Well, I don't have problems with my knees myself, but my hiking partner does.
He too wears the ace knee supporter.  The 2 trips we made w/o he was in such
pain, my knees hurt just watching him.  Now that he wears those little rubber
stink sponges (:-) he actually ends up waiting on me most of the time.  But
like you said, in the summer months, those things are slimy by the end of the
day, but he doesn't mind the sliminess one bit as opposed to blowing a knee
or two.

Happy trails

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