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RE: knees and names

> Several people have mentioned knee problems. The first time I back-
> packed I blew out a knee and the second time I blew out the other one.
> My solution has been to wear Ace spandex knee braces, which is not
> fun on hot days but has meant the difference between agonizing pain
> and no problem. I've never seen anyone on the trail wearing them, and
> no one has mentioned them on this list, so I thought I'd pass it on...
> Happy trails,
> Jack Ray
> "The Blue Ace"

I'm always on the lookout for good knee-braces.  The only ones I've found
suitable for long wear and strenuous activity are made by

Pro Orthopedics
P.O. Box 27525
Tucson, AZ 85726
800 523-5611

I discovered Pro through an ad in _Walking_ magazine.  They make
professional-quality devices having subtle features that make them
comfortable.  It's fairly easy to figure out what kind you need; if in
doubt, get the deluxe model that does everything.  The manufacturer's
prices are very reasonable; MDs dispense them at 500% markup.

Request catalog _and_ price list, as they are separate.  Sales to
individuals no problem.  They like to ship FedEx.

The biggest problem with all knee braces is that they abrade the skin, and
are too sweaty in hot weather.  I've found it's best to wear some kind of
liner under them, e.g. tights (preferably of thick, absorbant material)
or a full-length support stocking.

Another good source:

Active Ankle Systems, Inc.
451 Baxter Ave.
Louisville, KY 40204

800 800 2896
502 582 2655
502 585 1142 fax

They make hard plastic hinged ankle braces.


Frank     reid@indiana.edu